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Camping sis : 1459 Chemin les boutinelles, quartier Fond du Plan, 83350 Ramatuelle.

Owner: Mr. Marcel BRUNETTO, resident in 83350 Ramatuelle and Mr. Gilles BRUNETTO, son and commercial guide, resident in 83350 Ramatuelle, ask all campsite guests with this contract intern to bind themselves to accept the internal regulation of the campsite to guarantee the smooth administration expiration of the campsite as well as the hygiene and the security

The signing respects the following conditions:

The exact period of the stay, the type of hosting and the composition of the family (persons, children) must be clarified and respected.

-   The payment takes place during the day of the arrival.

 Every interrupted or shortened stay (later arrived, premature departure) goes to weights of the signing.

The arrivals are made before 8:00 pm. If the arrival is postponed, please contact us (+33619434313). After 8:00 pm the booking will be cancelled. · Any interrupted or abbreviated stay (arrived late, early departure) of your fact cannot give place to a repayment.

-   The departures are made before 12:00 am.

-   Car park for a vehicle next to the place.

-  One or several visitors whom you will receive have to go to the reception to pay the tax of visitors a person    (cf price). If one or several visitors remain to sleep in your caravan or tent, they have to go to the reception before 7:00 pm to pay the price of the night (cf price). A car park is foreseen for the visitors.

-   To avoid any incidence and the wasting of water, the children must be accompanied to go to toilets.

-   Dogs are accepted in the campsite camping (on production of an antirabique certificate) with a supplement (cf price). For your comfort and that of all the campers, as well as by measure of hygiene and safety, it is compulsory to hold animals in leash and walk with them outside the campsite in esteemed by the rows of the vine fields. They are forbidden at the sanitary and toilets.

-   Respect the indicated speed (10 km/h) as well as all the descriptive panels, and respect also the peace and the tranquillity for the good of all.

-   The clientele makes a commitment, having acquainted with the regulation, to respect it.

The reservation will be effective when the proprietor receipts the contract signs.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Signature from previous client "read and approved" : ______________________________

Ramatuelle : 30/09/2023

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